Volume twenty-two, Issue 2

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Original Research

Contextualising the association of socioeconomic deprivation with hospitalisation rates of myocardial infarction in a rural area in eastern Germany

Jaehn P, Andresen-Bundus H, Bergholz A, Pagonas N, Hauptmann M, Neugebauer EA, Holmberg C, Ritter O, Sasko B.

Published 8 April 2022 Europe

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Original Research

Rural and urban disparities in anemia among Peruvian children aged 6-59 months: a multivariate decomposition and spatial analysis

Al-kassab-Córdova A, Mendez-Guerra C, Quevedo-Ramirez A, Espinoza R, Enriquez-Vera D, Robles-Valcarcel P.

Published 26 April 2022 Latin America

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Original Research

Culturally sensitive care of Misak Indigenous patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Colombia

Ospina-Caicedo A, Castro Franco E, Torres Andrade M, Caicedo JL, Tombé Morales MC, Peláez-Ballestas I.

Published 11 May 2022 Latin America

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Original Research

Factors associated with adolescent birth in Indonesia: a national survey

Devi YP, Ekoriano M, Sari DP, Muthmainnah M.

Published 22 May 2022 Asia

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Original Research

Impact of diabetic retinopathy awareness training on community health workers' knowledge and referral practices in Fiji: a qualitative study

Ram S, Mohammadnezhad M, Ram K, Dalmia P, Pal M.

Published 10 June 2022 Australasia

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.Original Research

Challenges and opportunities in diagnosing and managing mild traumatic brain injury in rural settings

Daugherty J, Waltzman D, Popat S, Horn Groenendaal A, Cherney M, Knudson A.

Published 15 June 2022 North America

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Original Research

Patient and carer experiences of pain care in an Australian regional comprehensive cancer care setting: a qualitative study

Luckett T, Read A, Hosie A, Edwards L, Phillips J, Agar M, Lovell M.

Published 6 May 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

Home visits in rural general practice: what does the future hold?

Murphy R, McErlean S, Maguire SE, Stewart P.

Published 27 April 2022 Europe

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Original Research

Exploring rural medical education: a study of Canadian key informants

Button BL, Cheu H, Stroink M, Cameron E.

Published 19 May 2022 North America

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Original Research

Remote and rural surgery training and recruitment: a national attitudinal survey of Scottish surgical trainees

Fergusson SJ, Teasdale E.

Published 27 June 2022 Europe

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Original Research

Medical students’ experiences of compulsory rural service in Guatemala: a qualitative study

Chary A, Hawkins J, Flood D, Martinez B, Colom M, Austad K.

Published 26 May 2022 Latin America

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Original Research

Living in a rural area: a potential risk factor for falls in people with Parkinson disease

Zheng X, Wu L, Yang C, Yang H, Ding X.

Published 20 April 2022 Asia

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Original Research

Art centres supporting our Elders – ‘old people, that’s where our strength comes from’ – results from a national survey of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled art centres

Mackell P, Squires K, Fraser S, Cecil J, Meredith M, Malay R, Lindeman MA, Schmidt C, Batchelor F, Dow B.

Published 30 May 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among rural Oklahomans

Hubach RD, Shannon B, Morgan KD, Alexander C, O'Neil AM, Ernst C, Giano Z.

Published 4 June 2022 North America

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Original Research

A rural community’s perspective on the causes of and solutions to the opioid crisis in southern Virginia: a qualitative study

Hargrove AJ, Rafie C, Zimmerman E, Moser DE.

Published 1 June 2022 North America

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Original Research

Geographic distribution of family physicians in Japan and the USA: a cross-sectional comparative study

Okazaki Y, Yoshida S, Kashima S, Koike S, Bowman R, Matsumoto M.

Published 16 June 2022 Asia

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It’s not one size fits all: a case for how equity-based knowledge translation can support rural and remote communities to optimize virtual health care

Giroux EE, Hagerty M, Shwed A, Pal N, Huynh N, Andersen T, Banner D.

Published 9 May 2022 North America

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COVID-19 fosters social accountability in medical education

Murray R, Cristobal F, Shrestha S, Tandinco FD, De Maeseneer JM, Verma S, Dharamsi S, Willems S, Kaufman A, Pálsdóttir B, Neusy A, Larkins S.

Published 5 May 2022 Australasia

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Responding to the ‘thin' markets of rural and remote disability services. Quantitative and spatial analysis is part of the picture

Kuipers P, Lakhani A, Jensen H.

Published 16 May 2022 Australasia

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‘Inclusive’ health systems increase healthy life expectancy

Athanasakis K.

Published 4 May 2022 Europe

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Review Article

Evaluation of postgraduate rural medical training programs and implications for rural workforce development: a systematic review

Saito M, Tsuzaki T, Takeda Y.

Published 18 May 2022 Asia

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Short Communication

Feasibility of using telephone interviews and internet-based message services during the COVID-19 pandemic in rural Sri Lanka: experiences of the Rajarata Pregnancy Cohort

Jayasinghe I, Wickramasinghe Y, Kurera DM, Samarakoon N, Rupasinghe I, Ponmalay P, Agampodi SB.

Published 12 May 2022 Asia

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