Volume ten, Issue 1

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Original Research

Transfers to acute care hospitals at the end of life: do rural/remote regions differ from urban regions?

Menec V, Nowicki S, Kalischuk A.

Published 12 January 2010 North America

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Original Research

Reaching agreement for an Aboriginal e-health research agenda: the Aboriginal telehealth knowledge circle consensus method

Maar M, Seymour A, Sanderson B, Boesch L.

Published 27 January 2010 North America

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Original Research

Unintentional injuries and parental violence against children during flood: a study in rural Bangladesh

Biswas A, Rahman A, Mashreky S, Rahman F, Dalal K.

Published 16 March 2010 Asia

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Original Research

Evaluation of a rural chronic disease self-management program

Stone G, Packer T.

Published 3 February 2010 Australasia

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Original Research

Menopause Rating Scale as a screening tool in rural Turkey

Metintas S, Arýkan I, Kalyoncu C, Ozalp S.

Published 31 March 2010 Europe

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Original Research

A structural equation model of the determinants of malnutrition among children in rural Kelantan, Malaysia

Cheah W, Manan W, Zabidi-Hussin ZAMH ..

Published 25 February 2010 Asia

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Original Research

An evaluation study on the relevance and effectiveness of training activities in Northern Uganda

Ciccio' L, Makumbi M, Sera D.

Published 19 February 2010 Africa

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Original Research

Comparison of HTN management in patients with diabetes between rural and urban primary care clinics in Northeastern Colorado - a report from SNOCAP

Hicks P, Bublitz Emsermann C, Westfall J, Parnes B.

Published 12 February 2010 North America

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Project Report

Improving hearing health for farming families

Lower T, Fragar L, Depcynzksi J, Challinor K, Mills J, Williams W.

Published 24 February 2010 Australasia

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Conference Report

Aboriginal science symposium: enabling Aboriginal student success in post-secondary institutions

Kulig J, Duke M, Solowoniuk J, Weaselfat R, Shade C, Lamb M, Wojtowicz B.

Published 19 January 2010 North America

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A tribute to John A J MacLeod

Douglas J.

Published 16 February 2010 Europe

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Letter to the Editor

Mechanisms of paediatric trauma at a rural hospital in Uganda

Hulme P.

Published 3 March 2010 Africa

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Letter to the Editor

High body mass index in rural children

Wiwanitkit V.

Published 23 March 2010 Asia

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