Volume nineteen, Issue 2

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.Original Research

TB or not TB? That is the question regarding TB treatment in a remote provincial hospital in Solomon Islands

Jones P, Denniss A, Subhaharan D, Doolan B, Karnik T, Fink J, Rara G.

Published 18 May 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

The impact of the introduction of a point-of-care haematology analyser in a New Zealand rural hospital with no onsite laboratory

Blattner K, Beazley CJ, Nixon G, Herd G, Wigglesworth J, Rogers-Koroheke MG.

Published 30 April 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Career choices of the first seven cohorts of JCU MBBS graduates: producing generalists for regional, rural and remote northern Australia

Woolley T, Larkins S, Sen Gupta T.

Published 4 April 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Learning about Aboriginal health and wellbeing at the postgraduate level: novel application of the Growth and Empowerment Measure

Fitzpatrick SA, Haswell MR, Williams MM, Nathan S, Meyer L, Ritchie JE, Jackson Pulver LR.

Published 16 April 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Outcomes of a 1-year longitudinal integrated medical clerkship in small rural Victorian communities

Campbell DG, McGrail MR, O'Sullivan BG, Russell DJ.

Published 25 June 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Disparities in prostate cancer survival in Appalachian Kentucky: a population-based study

Myint ZW, O’Neal R, Chen Q, Huang B, Vanderpool R, Wang P.

Published 12 May 2019 North America

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Original Research

Improving behavioral health workforce supply and needs estimates using active surveillance data

Watanabe-Galloway S, Chen L, Trout K, Palm D, Deras M, Naveed Z.

Published 19 May 2019 North America

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Original Research

The implications of isolation for remote industrial health workers

Adams ME, Lazarsfeld-Jensen A, Francis K.

Published 13 May 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

A nurse-led structured education program improves self-management skills and reduces hospital readmissions in patients with chronic heart failure: a randomized and controlled trial in China

Cui X, Zhou X, Ma L, Sun T, Bishop L, Gardiner FW, Wang L.

Published 22 May 2019 Asia

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.Original Research

'We just don’t talk about it': Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' perceptions of cancer in regional Queensland

Meiklejohn JA, Arley BD, Pratt G, Valery PC, Bernardes CM.

Published 29 May 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

'Not all fevers are malaria': a mixed methods study of non-malarial fever management in rural southern Malawi

Baltzell K, Kortz TB, Scarr E, Blair A, Mguntha A, Bandawe G, Schell E, Rankin S.

Published 15 June 2019 Africa

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Original Research

Analysis of a decade of skin cancer prevention using a mobile unit in Brazil

Silveira CG, Mauad EC.

Published 15 May 2019 Latin America

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Review Article

Health behaviours of rural Australians following percutaneous coronary intervention: a systematic scoping review

Butland M, Corones-Watkins K, Evanson AD, Cooke M.

Published 30 May 2019 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

A local case of fulminant primary amoebic meningoencephalitis due to Naegleria fowleri

McLaughlin A, O'Gorman T.

Published 9 April 2019 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

John's story – living with hereditary haemochromatosis

Graham JV, Hogg DR.

Published 5 May 2019 Europe

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.Short Communication

Continued development of the Rural Active Living Perceived Environmental Support Scale (RALPESS): preliminary evidence for validity among American Indians

Nolan RD, Agley J, Umstattd Meyer M, Spicer PG, Hallam JS.

Published 26 June 2019 North America

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Project Report

The Northern Territory Medical Program – growing our own in the NT

Worley P, Lowe M, Notaras L, Strasser S, Kidd M, Slee M, Williams R, Noutsos T, Wakerman J.

Published 27 May 2019 Australasia

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