Volume eleven, Issue 3

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Original Research

Nature and nurture in the family physician's choice of practice location

Orzanco M, Lovato C, Bates J, Slade S, Grand'Maison P, Vanasse A.

Published 14 September 2011 North America

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Original Research

Causes and circumstances of death in a district hospital in northern Cameroon, 1993-2009

Einterz EM, Bates M.

Published 11 August 2011 Africa

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Original Research

Location of residence or social class, which is the stronger determinant associated with cardiovascular risk factors among Pakistani population? A cross sectional study

Tareen M, Shafique K, Mirza S, Arain ZI, Ahmad I, Vart P.

Published 1 August 2011 Asia

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Original Research

Determinants of apparent rural-urban differentials in measles vaccination uptake in Indonesia

Fernandez R, Awofeso N, Rammohan A.

Published 8 September 2011 Asia

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Original Research

Rural youth and violence: a gender perspective

Hall B, Kulig J, Grant Kalischuk R.

Published 8 August 2011 North America

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Original Research

Clinical decision-making of rural novice nurses

Seright TJ.

Published 21 July 2011 North America

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Original Research

A cardiovascular disease risk factor screening program designed to reach rural residents of Maine, USA

Harris D, Hamel L, Aboueissa A, Johnson D.

Published 5 August 2011 North America

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Original Research

'I am part of the community but...' The changing context of rural living for persons with advanced cancer and their families

Duggleby W, Penz K, Leipert B, Wilson D, Goodridge D, Williams A.

Published 20 July 2011 North America

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Original Research

Quality of life following successful repair of vesicovaginal fistula in Nigeria

Umoiyoho A, Inyang-Etoh E, Abah GM, Abasiattai AM, Akaiso O.

Published 25 August 2011 Africa

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Original Research

Application of geographic information systems to the analysis of private dental practices distribution in Western Australia

Kruger E, Tennant M, George R.

Published 10 August 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Modelling nutritional services in relation to the health status of older individuals living on Mediterranean islands

Tyrovolas S, Polychronopoulos E, Tountas Y, Panagiotakos D.

Published 14 September 2011 Europe

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Original Research

Government bodies and their influence on the 2009 H1N1 health sector pandemic response in remote and isolated First Nation communities of sub-Arctic Ontario, Canada

Charania N, Tsuji LJ.

Published 15 August 2011 North America

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Original Research

Where do women give birth in rural Tanzania?

Krüger C, Olsen Ø, Mighay E, Ali M.

Published 25 August 2011 Africa

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Review Article

Models of care for socially isolated older rural carers: barriers and implications

Winterton R, Warburton J.

Published 1 August 2011 Australasia

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Personal View

Managing environmental risks: the benefits of a place-based approach

Loring P, Duffy L.

Published 19 September 2011 North America

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Letter to the Editor

Rural placement programs

Peach H.

Published 19 August 2011 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Lower fasting plasma glucose criteria and high triglycerides are effective for screening diabetes mellitus in the rural Japanese population: the Tottori-Kofu Study

Ohkura T, Taniguchi S, Osaki Y, Yamamoto N, Sumi K, Fujioka Y, Matsuzawa K, Izawa S, Shiochi H, Kinoshita H, Inoue K, Takechi M, Kishimoto T, Shigemasa C.

Published 26 August 2011 Asia

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