Volume eighteen, Issue 4

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Original Research

Qualitative evaluation of a public–private partnership for reproductive health training in Papua New Guinea

Thiessen J, Bagoi A, Homer C, Rumsey M.

Published 12 December 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

The patterns of self-reported maternal complications in Indonesia: are there rural–urban differences?

Widyaningsih V, Khotijah K.

Published 10 October 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Keeping them interested: a national study of factors that change medical student interest in working rurally

Kent M, Verstappen AC, Wilkinson T, Poole P.

Published 8 October 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

Comparing ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction care between patients residing in central and remote locations: a retrospective case series

Kamona A, Cunningham S, Addison B, Rushworth GF, Call A, Bloe C, Innes A, Bond RR, Peace A, Leslie SJ.

Published 27 October 2018 Europe

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Original Research

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus among Sami and non-Sami inhabitants of Northern Norway – the SAMINOR 1 Survey (2003–2004) and the SAMINOR 2 Clinical Survey (2012–2014)

Naseribafrouei A, Eliassen B, Melhus M, Svartberg J, Broderstad A.

Published 14 December 2018 Europe

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Original Research

Profile of gynaecology surgeries from Western Province, Solomon Islands

Boghossian A, Wang M, Nagu A, Tong A, Knox D.

Published 16 November 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

Exploring roles and capacity development of village midwives in Sudanese communities

Nakano K, Nakamura Y, Shimizu A, Alamer SM.

Published 21 October 2018 Africa

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Original Research

What leads to the subjective perception of a ‘rural area’? A qualitative study with undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees in Germany to tailor strategies against physician’s shortage

Wilhelmi L, Ingendae F, Steinhaeuser J.

Published 19 November 2018 Europe

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.Original Research

Expectations of rural community-based medical education: a case study from Thailand

Somporn P, Walters L, Ash J.

Published 8 November 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Current practices, barriers and enablers for advance care planning among healthcare workers of aged care facilities in western New South Wales, Australia

Lam L, Ansari AS, Baquir PJ, Chowdhury N, Tran K, Bailey J.

Published 19 November 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

Appropriateness of task of public health doctors in South Korea

Lee D, Moon M, Go Y, Song J, Kim J, Kim C, Seo K, Kim S, Kim J.

Published 13 November 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Contextual factors and health service performance from the perspective of the provincial health administrators in Papua New Guinea

Field E, Usurup J, Nathan S, Rosewell A.

Published 5 October 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

Telemedicine in remote Australia: The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Medical Chest Program as a marker of remote health

Cherry JJ, Rich WC, McLennan PL.

Published 6 October 2018 Australasia

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Original Research

Selective admission policy of medical undergraduates in western China: applicants' real attitudes to the choice of a rural medical career

Pei H, Sun Y, Bai Z, Yu Z, Chang P, Qiu C, Li J, Zhao N, Cheng Y, Yang A.

Published 14 October 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Rural self-efficacy measuring intent for rural practice among Japanese medical students

Kawamoto R, Ninomiya D, Akase T, Uemoto A, Kumagi T.

Published 27 December 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Japanese regional-quota medical students in their final year are less motivated to work in medically underserved areas than they were in their first year: a prospective observational study

Kataoka Y, Takayashiki A, Sato M, Maeno T.

Published 21 October 2018 Asia

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Original Research

Developing the health visitor concept of family resilience in Wales using Group Concept Mapping

Wallace C, Dale F, Jones G, O'Kane J, Thomas M, Wilson L, Pontin D.

Published 16 November 2018 Europe

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An evidence-based program for rural surgical and obstetrical networks

Iglesias S, Kornelsen J.

Published 4 December 2018 North America

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Review Article

Cardiac rehabilitation services for people in rural and remote areas: an integrative literature review

Field PE, Franklin RC, Barker RN, Ring I, Leggat PA.

Published 7 November 2018 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

Hoeing machine accident: a case report

Turgut K, Gürbüz S.

Published 6 December 2018 Europe

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Personal View

Lessons for health program monitoring and evaluation in a low resource setting

Field E, Vila M, Runk L, Mactaggart F, Rosewell A, Nathan S.

Published 12 October 2018 Australasia

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