Volume nineteen, Issue 4

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.Original Research

The role of occupational therapy in the Solomon Islands: experiences and perceptions of occupational therapists and rehabilitation health workers

Boseto H, Gray M, Langmead R.

Published 21 October 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Identification of prevalence of constipation in infants aged 0–12 months in rural areas

Sütcü Çağlar H, Hisar F.

Published 17 November 2019 Europe

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Original Research

Geographic disparities associated with travel to medical care and attendance in programs to prevent/manage chronic illness among middle-aged and older adults in Texas

Smith ML, Towne Jr SD, Bergeron CD, Zhang D, McCord C, Mier N, Goltz HH.

Published 9 November 2019 North America

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Original Research

General practitioner knowledge and practice in relation to unintended pregnancy in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia

Keogh L, Croy S, Newton D, Hendron M, Hill S.

Published 2 November 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

A scope of practice that works 'out here': exploring the effects of a changing medical regulatory environment on a rural New Zealand health service

Blattner K, Stokes T, Nixon G.

Published 30 November 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Passing on wisdom: exploring the end-of-life wishes of Aboriginal people from the Midwest of Western Australia

Thompson S, Lyford M, Papertalk L, Holloway M.

Published 30 November 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Overcoming the challenges of caring for a child with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a Pilbara community perspective

McRae T, Adams E, Clifton E, Fitzpatrick J, Bruce K, Councillor J, Pearson G, Walker R.

Published 17 October 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Rural primary care providers’ attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities in a midwestern state in the USA

Sharma A, Shaver JC, Stephenson RB.

Published 2 November 2019 North America

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Original Research

Tobacco smoking prevalence and associated factors among the elderly in the rural area of Rio Grande/RS, Brazil

Silva PA, Meucci RD, Luzini R, Paiva LA.

Published 22 November 2019 Latin America

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Original Research

A qualitative exploration of the sexual and reproductive health knowledge of adolescent mothers from indigenous populations in Ratanak Kiri Province, Cambodia

Kenny B, Hoban E, Pors P, Williams J.

Published 28 October 2019 Asia

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Original Research

Organ donation attitudes and general self-efficacy: exploratory views from a rural primary care setting

Symvoulakis E, Markaki A, Rachiotis G, Linardakis M, Klinis S, Morgan M.

Published 30 October 2019 Europe

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Original Research

Physical activity in early childhood education and care settings in a low-income, rural South African community: an observational study

Tomaz SA, Jones RA, Hinkley T, Twine R, Kahn K, Norris SA, Draper CE.

Published 1 November 2019 Africa

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Original Research

The point prevalence of respiratory syncytial virus in hospital and community-based studies in children from Northern Australia: studies in a ‘high-risk’ population

McCallum GB, Grimwood K, Oguoma VM, Leach AJ, Smith-Vaughan HC, Versteegh LA, Chang AB.

Published 24 November 2019 Australasia

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.Original Research

Rural women’s first-person perspectives on the role of mental health in substance use

Snell-Rood C, Staton M, Kheibari A.

Published 9 November 2019 North America

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Original Research

Precarious patients: health professionals’ perspectives on providing care to Mexican and Jamaican migrants in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

Cole DC, McLaughlin JE, Hennebry JL, Tew MA.

Published 1 December 2019 North America

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Original Research

An epidemiological study of dental caries and associated risk factors among primary school children in the Aileu Municipality, Timor-Leste

Calache H, Christian B, Mamerto M, Kangutkar T, Hall M.

Published 14 October 2019 Australasia

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Original Research

Spatial equity and realised access to healthcare – a geospatial analysis of general practitioner enrolments in Waikato, New Zealand

Whitehead J, Pearson AL, Lawrenson R, Atatoa-Carr P.

Published 18 October 2019 Australasia

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Partnership integration for rural health resource access

Sharp T, Weil J, Snyder A, Dunemn K, Milbrath G, McNeill J, Gilbert E.

Published 15 November 2019 North America

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Review Article

Women’s preferences and experiences of cervical cancer screening in rural and remote areas: a systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis

Majid U, Kandasamy S, Farrah K, Vanstone M.

Published 23 October 2019 North America

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Review Article

Strategic analysis of interventions to reduce physician shortages in rural regions

Danish A, Blais R, Champagne F.

Published 22 November 2019 North America

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Clinical Case Report

Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome: a case report of a rare vascular disorder identified in a rural Canadian hospital

Yilmaz OK, Smithson LE.

Published 14 November 2019 North America

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Short Communication

Evaluation for learning and improvement at the right time: an example from the field

Rogers A, Watson C, Harrison N, Manhire S, Malla C.

Published 25 November 2019 Australasia

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Project Report

Doctors in secondary schools program: the first year of program implementation in a rural Victorian school

Reid CJ, Ervin K, Kelly LM.

Published 26 November 2019 Australasia

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