Volume seven, Issue 2

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Original Research

A field survey of iodine supplementation of primary school children and their parents in a rural village in the endemic area of iodine deficiency disorder, northeastern Thailand

Wiwanitkit V.

Published 23 May 2007 International

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Original Research

Regular doctor, changing doctor, no doctor: does it make a difference to rural residents?

Mathews M, Park AD.

Published 13 June 2007 North America

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Original Research

Seeking serenity: living with HIV/AIDS in rural Western Canada

Harrowing J, Robinson Vollman A.

Published 21 May 2007 North America

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Original Research

A view from inside Arizona and New Mexico Indian country: pursuing a health career path

Overman B, Petri L, Knoki-Wilson U.

Published 1 May 2007 North America

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Original Research

Medical students' perceptions of barriers to training at a rural clinical school

Jones G, DeWitt D, Cross M.

Published 28 May 2007 Australasia

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Original Research

Is walking barefoot a risk factor for diabetic foot disease in developing countries?

Jayasinghe S, Atukorala I, Gunethilleke B, Siriwardena V, Herath SC, De Abrew K.

Published 15 June 2007 International

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Original Research

Caring for Australia's most remote communities: obstetric services in the Indian Ocean Territories

Roach S, Downes S.

Published 11 April 2007 Australasia

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Original Research

Training emergency medicine doctors for rural and regional Australia: can we learn from other countries?

Arvier P, Walker J, McDonagh T.

Published 11 April 2007 Australasia

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Original Research

What does it take? The influence of rural upbringing and sense of rural background on medical students' intention to work in a rural environment

Somers G, Strasser R, Jolly B.

Published 11 April 2007 Australasia

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Original Research

Clinical training in the Top End: impact of the Northern Territory Clinical School, Australia, on the Territory's health workforce

Smedts A, Lowe M.

Published 8 May 2007 Australasia

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Improving access to medicines in urban, regional and rural Aboriginal communities - is expansion of Section 100 the answer?

Stoneman J, Taylor S.

Published 22 June 2007 Australasia

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Review Article

Evaluating Australian Indigenous community health promotion initiatives: a selective review

Mikhailovich K, Morrison P, Arabena K.

Published 5 June 2007 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

Clinical case of the late diagnosis of type-II schizencephaly

Sitnikov A.

Published 1 May 2007 Africa

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Project Report

Empowering the initiation of a prevention strategy to combat malaria in Papua New Guinea

Fitzpatrick J, Ako WY.

Published 21 June 2007 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Rural health outreach training

Bhat M.

Published 19 June 2007 Asia

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Letter to the Editor

An English medical student's perspective on rural New South Wales, Australia

Astbury C.

Published 8 June 2007 International

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Letter to the Editor

Disease mongers in a nation in transition?

Giri B, Shankar .

Published 15 May 2007 International

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