Volume eleven, Issue 2

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Original Research

The decision-making processes of pharmacists in inland Australia - a pilot study

Madden M, Ball P.

Published 19 April 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

The rural hospital doctors workforce in New Zealand

Lawrenson R, Nixon G, Steed R.

Published 19 April 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Initial evaluation of rural programs at the Australian National University: understanding the effects of rural programs on intentions for rural and remote medical practice

Lee Y, Barnard A, Owen C.

Published 13 May 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Understanding the rural food environment - perspectives of low-income parents

Yousefian Hansen A, Leighton A, Fox K, Hartley D.

Published 8 April 2011 North America

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Original Research

Does living in a female-headed household lower child mortality? The case of rural Nigeria

Doctor H.

Published 11 April 2011 Africa

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Original Research

Colorectal cancer screening in rural and remote areas: analysis of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia

Martini A, Javanparast S, Ward P, Baratiny G, Gill T, Cole S, Tsourtos G, Aylward P, Jiwa M, Misan G, Wilson C, Young GP.

Published 12 May 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

'Gotta be sit down and worked out together': views of Aboriginal caregivers and service providers on ways to improve dementia care for Aboriginal Australians

Smith K, Flicker L, Shadforth G, Carroll E, Ralph N, Atkinson D, Lindeman MA, Schaper F, Lautenschlager NT, LoGiudice D.

Published 14 June 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Conversations on telemental health: listening to remote and rural First Nations communities

Gibson K, Coulson H, Miles R, Kakekakekung C, Daniels E, O'Donnell S.

Published 19 April 2011 North America

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Original Research

Determinants of antenatal and postnatal care visits among Indigenous people in Bangladesh: a study of the Mru Community

Islam M, Odland JO.

Published 28 June 2011 Asia

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Original Research

The use of Photovoice to document and characterize the food security of users of community food programs in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Lardeau M, Akearok GH, Ford J.

Published 21 June 2011 North America

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Original Research

Student opinions on a rural placement program in New South Wales, Australia

Johnson G, Blinkhorn A.

Published 18 May 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Patterns of transfer in labour and birth in rural New Zealand

Patterson J, Foureur M, Skinner J.

Published 7 June 2011 Australasia

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Original Research

Breastfeeding prevalence and distribution in the USA and Appalachia by rural and urban setting

Wiener R, Wiener MA.

Published 2 May 2011 North America

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Original Research

Developing rural palliative care: validating a conceptual model

Kelley ML, Williams A, DeMiglio L, Mettam H.

Published 19 May 2011 North America

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Review Article

Culture shock and healthcare workers in remote Indigenous communities of Australia: what do we know and how can we measure it?

Muecke A, Lenthall S, Lindeman MA.

Published 8 April 2011 Australasia

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Review Article

A conceptual model of suicide in rural areas

Stark C, Riordan V, O'Connor R.

Published 21 June 2011 Europe

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Review Article

Priority setting in primary health care: a framework for local catchments

Mcdonald J, Ollerenshaw A.

Published 6 June 2011 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

Is centralization in emergency rural medicine always right? Lessons learned from two cases of decompression sickness

Sato T, Iga T, Nagashima K, Matsubara S.

Published 26 May 2011 Asia

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Policy Report

Increasing the enrolment of rural applicants to the faculty of medicine and addressing diversity by using a priority matrix approach to assign values to rural attributes

Raghavan M, Martin BD, Roberts D, Aoki F, MacKalski BA, Sandham JD.

Published 23 May 2011 North America

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Project Report

Global health education for medical undergraduates

Laven G, Newbury J.

Published 19 May 2011 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Rural healthcare delivery using a phone patch service in the teleconsultation program of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine in Western Mindanao, Philippines

Macrohon B, Cristobal F.

Published 5 May 2011 Asia

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Letter to the Editor

Pre-hospital care of spinal cord injury in a rural Indian setting

Singh P, Shrivastva S, Dulani R.

Published 17 May 2011 Asia

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Letter to the Editor

Post-crisis: earthquake, tsunami, radiation leak and rural health crisis in Japan

Wiwanitkit V.

Published 15 April 2011 Asia

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