Volume eight, Issue 3

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They really do go

Bowman R.

Published 24 July 2008 North America

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The illusion of minority status

Bowman R.

Published 17 September 2008 North America

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Original Research

Aboriginal maternal and infant care workers: partners in caring for Aboriginal mothers and babies

Stamp G, Champion S, Anderson G, Warren B, Stuart-Butler D, Doolan J, Boles C, Callaghan L, Foale A, Muyambi C.

Published 25 July 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

Patient satisfaction at rural outreach dental camps - a one year report

Shrestha A, Doshi D, Rao A, Sequeira P.

Published 22 July 2008 Asia

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Original Research

Clinician's perspectives of the relocation of a regional child and adolescent mental health service from co-located to stand alone premises

Francis K, Boyd CP, Sewell J, Nurse S.

Published 10 September 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

Desired attributes of new graduate nurses as identified by the rural community

Sivamalai S.

Published 15 July 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

Evidence for the acceptability and academic success of an innovative remote and rural extended placement

Wilson M, Cleland J.

Published 15 September 2008 Europe

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Original Research

Clinical placement and rurality of career commencement: a pilot study

Schoo A, McNamara K, Stagnitti K.

Published 23 July 2008 Australasia

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Original Research

Perceived educational value and enjoyment of a rural clinical rotation for medical students

Wilson N, Bouhuijs P, Conradie H, Reuter H, Van Heerden B, Marais B.

Published 3 September 2008 Africa

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Original Research

Measuring primary care: the standard primary care year

Bowman R.

Published 10 September 2008 North America

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Original Research

'We're it', 'We're a team', 'We're family' means a sense of belonging

Sedgwick M, Yonge O.

Published 4 September 2008 North America

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Review Article

An introduction to portable field hospitals

McLaughlin E, Papadopoulou A.

Published 16 July 2008 North America

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Review Article

Experiential learning driving community based nursing curriculum

Smith L, Emmett H, Woods M.

Published 29 August 2008 Australasia

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Clinical Case Report

Heterotopic pregnancy: a clinical case report from rural Nigeria

Odewale MA, Afolabi M.

Published 22 September 2008 Africa

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Policy Report

Funding regimes and the implications for delivering quality palliative care nursing within residential aged care units in Australia

Allen S, O'Connor M, Chapman Y, Francis K.

Published 4 August 2008 Australasia

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Project Report

Pre-triage procedures in mobile rural health clinics in Ethiopia

Stillman P, Strong P.

Published 14 August 2008 Africa

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Preliminary Report

Establishing standards for obstructed labour in a low-income country

Kongnyuy E, Mlava G, Van Den Broek N.

Published 8 August 2008 Africa

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