Volume twenty-one, Issue 1

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Original Research

Predicting factors of elderly patients’ discharge to home after rehabilitation in rural Japan: a retrospective cohort study

Ohta R, Maeki N, Maniwa S, Miyakoshi K.

Published 7 January 2021 Asia

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Original Research

'I’m still here, that’s probably the best part'. Lives of those living rurally with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator: a qualitative study

Doolan-Noble F, Noller G, Nixon G, Stokes T.

Published 22 March 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Determinants of physical activity level of people living in rural areas according to the transtheoretical model: regression and path analysis

Kocoglu-Tanyer D, Arslan S, Gedik-Bakkal S.

Published 1 March 2021 Europe

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Original Research

Privilege and Place: an exploratory study about healthcare bypass behavior

Jackson JE, Cope MR, Sanders SR, Pierce H.

Published 13 January 2021 North America

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Original Research

‘Dimensions and tensions?’: embracing the complexity of ‘working in a rural area’ through qualitative research interpreting perspectives of dermatologists and dermatology trainees

Croker BA, Croker A, Smith SD.

Published 9 February 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Examining dual roles in long-term-care homes in rural Alberta: a qualitative study

Brassolotto J, Haney C, Caspar S, Spenceley S.

Published 10 February 2021 North America

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Original Research

Women, clinician and IT staff perspectives on telehealth for enhanced gestational diabetes mellitus management in an Australian rural/regional setting

Rasekaba T, Nightingale H, Furler J, Lim W, Triay J, Blackberry I.

Published 22 January 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

A qualitative inquiry into the ways in which space and place influence the lived experiences of adults with disabilities in rural South Africa

Neille J.

Published 9 February 2021 Africa

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Original Research

A graduate oral health therapist program to support dental service delivery and oral health promotion in Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, Australia

Skinner J, Dimitropoulos Y, Moir R, Johnson G, McCowen D, Rambaldini B, Yaacoub A, Gwynne K.

Published 27 January 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Tuberculosis in the Torres Strait: the lady doth test too much

Foster J, Marais B, Martin RL, Peniyamina D, Mendez D, Warner J, McBryde E.

Published 10 February 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Exploratory survey of procedural sedation and analgesia practice in sample of New Zealand rural hospitals: existing guidelines do not support current rural practice

Kiuru S, Gutenstein M, Withington S.

Published 7 January 2021 Australasia

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Original Research

Access to wheelchairs by persons with mobility impairment in a remote rural district of KwaZulu–Natal, South Africa: therapists’ perspectives

McIntyre J, Cleland KE, Ramklass S.

Published 22 January 2021 Africa

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Original Research

Training novice users to assess stroke aetiology in remote settings using transcranial ultrasound: pilot study

Antipova D, Eadie L, MacAden AS, Wilson P.

Published 19 February 2021 Europe

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.Review Article

A scoping review of evaluated Indigenous community-based mental wellness initiatives

Venugopal J, Morton Ninomiya ME, Green NT, Peach L, Linklater R, George P, Wells S.

Published 17 March 2021 North America

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Review Article

What influences nurses’ decisions to work in rural and remote settings? A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative research

MacKay SC, Smith A, Kyle RG, Beattie M.

Published 3 March 2021 Europe

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.Review Article

Factors associated with teletrauma utilization in rural areas: a review of the literature

Wood T, Freeman S, Banner D, Martin-Khan M, Hanlon N, Flood F.

Published 15 March 2021 North America

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Review Article

A rapid review of evidence to inform an ear, nose and throat service delivery model in remote Australia

Jacups SP, Kinchin I.

Published 19 February 2021 Australasia

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Short Communication

Clinical manifestations and progression, seasonal variation, and environmental factors associated with Paederus dermatitis among patients attending the outpatient dermatology clinic of Thailand’s largest national tertiary referral center: a prospective cohort study

Jiamton S, Jantanapornchai N, Nokdhes Y, Patthamalai P, Tantrapornpong P, Limpoka P, Phonarsa P, Pochanapan O.

Published 2 February 2021 Asia

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Project Report

Analysis of the use of a mobile simulation unit using the principles of a managed educational network

Baker A, Hardie L, Somerville S, Ker J.

Published 30 March 2021 Europe

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Project Report

Beliefs about cancer causation in Samoa: results from an awareness campaign recall survey

Cuesta-Briand B, Sofija E, Burich S, Harris N.

Published 6 March 2021 Australasia

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Project Report

Ensuring contact: calling rural Appalachian older adults during the COVID-19 epidemic

Walker RB, Grome M, Rollyson W, Baus AD.

Published 18 January 2021 North America

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.Project Report

Kansas maternity deserts: a cross-sectional study of rural obstetric providers

Taporco JS, Wolfe E, Chavez G, Allen Z, Estrada J, Thomson K, Mettling J, Kennedy M.

Published 1 March 2021 North America

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Letter to the Editor

A scope of practice comparison of two models of public oral health services for Aboriginal people living in rural and remote communities

Gwynne K, Poppe K, McCowen D, Dimitropoulos Y, Rambaldini B, Skinner J, Blinkhorn A.

Published 7 January 2021 Australasia

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