Volume thirteen, Issue 2

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Original Research

Exploring mental health issues of rural senior women residing in southwestern Ontario, Canada: A secondary analysis photovoice study

Panazzola P, Leipert B.

Published 20 June 2013 North America

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Original Research

Utilisation of the healthcare system for authentic early experience placements

Hays RB.

Published 13 May 2013 Australasia

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Original Research

Multiple mini-interview scores of medical school applicants with and without rural attributes

Raghavan M, Martin BD, Burnett M, Aoki F, Christensen H, MacKalski B, Young DG, Ripstein I.

Published 9 April 2013 North America

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Original Research

Effects of a proposed rural dental school on regional dental workforce and access to care

Wanchek T, Rephann T.

Published 26 May 2013 North America

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Original Research

Urban-rural differences in Spanish menopausal women

Martínez J, Palacios S, Chavida F, Perez M.

Published 2 May 2013 Europe

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Original Research

Accountable care organizations: benefits and barriers as perceived by Rural Health Clinic management

Ortiz J, Bushy A, Zhou Y, Zhang H.

Published 28 June 2013 North America

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Original Research

Strategies for moving towards equity in recruitment of rural and Aboriginal research participants

Wong S, Wu L, Boswell B, Housden L, Lavoie J.

Published 18 May 2013 North America

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Original Research

Impact of Euro-Canadian agrarian practices: in search of sustainable import-substitution strategies to enhance food security in subarctic Ontario, Canada

Spiegelaar N, Tsuji LJ.

Published 8 May 2013 North America

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Original Research

A national study into the rural and remote pharmacist workforce

Smith JD, White C, Roufeil L, Veitch C, Pont L, Patel B, Battye K, Luetsch K, Mitchell C.

Published 20 May 2013 Australasia

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Original Research

Comparative validation of self-report measures of negative attitudes towards Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders

Skinner T, Blick J, Coffin J, Dudgeon P, Forrest S, Morrison D.

Published 9 April 2013 Australasia

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Original Research

Determinants of anaemia among pregnant women in rural Uganda

Mbule A, Byaruhanga Y, Kabahenda M, Lubowa A.

Published 16 May 2013 Africa

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Original Research

Engaging First Nation and Inuit communities in asthma management and control: Assessing cultural appropriateness of educational resources

Latycheva O, Chera R, Hampson C, Masuda JR, Stewart M, Elliott SJ, Fenton N.

Published 2 April 2013 North America

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Review Article

Factors affecting learning and teaching for medicines supply management training in Pacific Island Countries - a realist review

Brown A, Ward-panckhurst L, Cooper G.

Published 6 June 2013 Australasia

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Review Article

Considering Aboriginal palliative care models: the challenges for mainstream services

O'Brien AP, Bloomer M, McGrath P, Clark K, Martin T, Lock M, Pidcock T, Van Der Riet P, O'Connor M.

Published 8 May 2013 Australasia

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Review Article

Health ownership in American indigenous communities

Nelson M.

Published 25 April 2013 North America

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Short Communication

Accommodation in pediatric oncology: parental experiences, preferences and unmet needs

Daniel G, Wakefield C, Ryan B, Fleming CA, Levett N, Cohn RJ.

Published 28 April 2013 Australasia

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Policy Report

Guangxi's rural health insurance scheme: evidence from an ethnic minority region in China

Huang L, Yang D, Yao L, Liu Z, Wu W.

Published 11 April 2013 Asia

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Personal View

Rural Generalism and the Queensland Health pathway - implications for rural clinical supervisors, placements and rural medical education providers

Kitchener S.

Published 2 June 2013 Australasia

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