Volume sixteen, Issue 2

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Original Research

'Those were taken away and given money': power and reward expectations' influence in the selection of village health teams in rural Uganda

Turinawe E.

Published 19 April 2016 Africa

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Original Research

Clinical training in the rural setting: using photovoice to understand student experiences

Mader EM, Roseamelia C, Lewis SL, Arthur ME, Reed E, Germain L.

Published 14 May 2016 North America

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Original Research

Nebraska's rural behavioral healthcare workforce distribution and relationship between supply and county characteristics

Nguyen AT, Trout K, Chen L, Madison L, Watkins KL, Watanabe-Galloway S.

Published 7 April 2016 North America

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Original Research

The Australian 'grey nomad' and aged care nurse practitioner models of practice: a case study analysis

Hungerford C, Prosser B, Davey R, Clark S.

Published 12 April 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Relationship between personal characteristics of specialist physicians and choice of practice location in Iran

Taati E, Ravaghi H, Salehi M, Nasiripour A, Abdi Z, Meshkini A.

Published 6 May 2016 Asia

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Original Research

Towards understanding the availability of physiotherapy services in rural Australia

Adams R, Jones A, Lefmann S, Sheppard L.

Published 13 June 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Teaching undergraduate students in rural general practice: an evaluation of a new rural campus in England

Bartlett M, Pritchard K, Lewis L, Hays RB, McKinley RK.

Published 17 June 2016 Europe

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Original Research

Household structure, maternal characteristics and childhood mortality in rural sub-Saharan Africa

Akinyemi J, Chisumpa VH, Odimegwu CO.

Published 22 April 2016 Africa

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Original Research

Challenges and coping strategies of parents of children with autism on the Kenyan coast

Gona J, Newton CR, Rimba KK, Mapenzi R, Kihara M, Vijver FV, Abubakar A.

Published 20 April 2016 Africa

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Original Research

Barriers to offering French language physician services in rural and northern Ontario

Timony P, Gauthier A, Serresse S, Goodale N, Prpic J.

Published 16 June 2016 North America

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Original Research

Career expectancy of physicians active in patient care: evidence from Mississippi

Boydstun J, Cossman JS.

Published 12 May 2016 North America

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Original Research

Outdoor workers and sun protection strategies: two case study examples in Queensland, Australia

Sendall MC, Stoneham M, Crane P, Fleming M, Janda M, Tenkate T, Youl P, Kimlin M.

Published 2 May 2016 Australasia

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Original Research

Food-related practices and beliefs of rural US elementary and middle school teachers

Findholt N, Izumi BT, Shannon J, Nguyen T.

Published 11 June 2016 North America

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Short Communication

Influence of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme on hospitalization cost of patients with nephrotic syndrome in rural China

Zhang S, Wang Y, Guo W, Yang X, Hu Z, Peng T.

Published 30 April 2016 Asia

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Project Report

A pilot videoconference group stress management program in cancer survivors: lessons learned

Zhou E, Partridge AH, Blackmon JE, Morgan E, Recklitis CJ.

Published 15 June 2016 North America

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Can we improve sepsis care, out there?

Regan L, Schneider J, Rushworth G, Brown S, Rennie J, Tait E, Cammaert L, Semple E, Clarkson M, Manson R, Gatenby A, McWilliam S, Robinson I, Al Moosawi H, Kamona A.

Published 30 June 2016 International

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