Volume ten, Issue 2

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Human health at the ends of the earth

Arbour L, Parkinson A, Kulig J.

Published 18 June 2010 North America

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Original Research

Implementing a whole school physical activity and healthy eating model in rural and remote First Nations schools: a process evaluation of Action Schools! BC

Naylor P, Scott J, Drummond J, Bridgewater L, McKay HA, Panagiotopoulos C.

Published 12 May 2010 North America

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Original Research

Diabetes care: provider disparities in the US Appalachian region

Denham S, Wood L, Remsberg K.

Published 21 May 2010 North America

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Original Research

Diabetes education in the Appalachian region: providers' views

Denham S, Remsberg K, Wood L.

Published 17 June 2010 North America

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Original Research

Future potential country doctor: the perspectives of German GPs

Natanzon I, Szecsenyi J, Ose D, Joos S.

Published 7 May 2010 Europe

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Original Research

Rural/urban differences in health care utilization and place of death for persons with respiratory illness in the last year of life

Goodridge D, Lawson J, Rennie D, Marciniuk D.

Published 30 April 2010 North America

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Original Research

Breast cancer stage at diagnosis and geographic access to mammography screening (New Hampshire, 1998-2004)

Celaya M, Berke E, Onega TL, Gui J, Riddle BL, Cherala S, Rees JR.

Published 23 April 2010 North America

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Original Research

'Mind you, there's no anaesthetist on the road': women's experiences of labouring en route

Dietsch E, Shackleton P, Davies C, Alston M, McLeod M.

Published 12 April 2010 Australasia

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Original Research

The Care Coordination Home Telehealth (CCHT) rural demonstration project: a symptom-based approach for serving older veterans in remote geographical settings

Luptak M, Dailey N, Juretic M, Rupper R, Hill R, Hicken B, Bair BD.

Published 1 June 2010 North America

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Original Research

Community perspectives on kidney disease and health promotion from at-risk populations in rural North Carolina, USA

Jennette C, Vupputuri S, Hogan SL, Shoham DA, Falk RJ, Harward DH.

Published 17 May 2010 North America

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Original Research

A comparison of emergency medicine resident clinical experience in a rural versus urban emergency department

Wadman M, Fago B, Hoffman LH, Tran T, Muelleman RL.

Published 28 May 2010 North America

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Original Research

Effect of post-discharge follow-up care on re-admissions among US veterans with congestive heart failure: a rural-urban comparison

Muus K, Knudson A, Klug MG, Gokun J, Sarrazin M, Kaboli P.

Published 8 June 2010 North America

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Original Research

Prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in an elderly population in Greece

Triantafyllou A, Douma S, Petidis K, Doumas M, Panagopoulou E, Pyrpasopoulou A, Tsotoulidis S, Zamboulis C.

Published 6 April 2010 Europe

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Review Article

Retention of physicians in rural Japan: concerted efforts of the government, prefectures, municipalities and medical schools

Matsumoto M, Inoue K, Kajii E, Takeuchi K.

Published 7 June 2010 Asia

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Clinical Case Report

Typhoid fever presenting as a depressive disorder - a case report

Ukwaja K.

Published 12 May 2010 International

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Short Communication

Developing a competency-based curriculum for eye care managers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dutoit R, Cook C, Minnies D, Brian G.

Published 17 May 2010 Africa

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Project Report

Transfer of learning to the nursing clinical practice setting

Maginnis C, Croxon L.

Published 8 April 2010 Australasia

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