Volume fourteen, Issue 3

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Original Research

E-Health readiness in outback communities: an exploratory study

Schwarz F, Ward J, Willcock S.

Published 3 September 2014 Australasia

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Original Research

Healthcare use and prescription of opioids in rural residents with pain

Kapoor S, Thorn BE.

Published 9 September 2014 North America

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Original Research

Exploration of factors influencing initiation and continuation of breastfeeding among Hispanic women living in rural settings: a multi-methods study

Joshi A, Trout K, Aguirre T, Wilhelm S.

Published 29 August 2014 North America

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Original Research

Maintaining health and wellness in the face of dementia: an exploratory analysis of individuals attending a rural and remote memory clinic

Dal Bello-Haas V, O'Connell ME, Morgan DG.

Published 7 August 2014 North America

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Original Research

Prevalence of presbyopia in a rural African community

Uche N, Ezegwui I, Uche E, Onwasigwe EN, Umeh RE, Onwasigwe CN.

Published 6 August 2014 Africa

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Original Research

Geographical and seasonal barriers to mammography services and breast cancer stage at diagnosis

Onitilo A, Liang H, Stankowski R, Engel JM, Broton M, Doi SA, Miskowiak DA.

Published 14 July 2014 North America

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Original Research

Rural and remote dementia care challenges and needs: perspectives of formal and informal care providers residing in Saskatchewan, Canada

Dal Bello-Haas V, Cammer A, Morgan DG, Stewart N, Kosteniuk JG.

Published 1 August 2014 North America

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Original Research

Effect of tele-emergency services on recruitment and retention of US rural physicians

Potter A, Mueller K, MacKinney C, Ward M.

Published 13 August 2014 North America

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Review Article

Interprofessional learning and rural paramedic care

Mulholland P, Barnett T, Spencer J.

Published 18 July 2014 Australasia

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Review Article

Dental practitioner rural work movements: a systematic review

Godwin D, Hoang H, Crocombe L, Bell E.

Published 29 July 2014 Australasia

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Policy Report

Mount Isa Statement on Quad Bike Safety

Franklin RC, Knight S, Lower T.

Published 21 August 2014 Australasia

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Book Review

Rural Medical Education Guidebook

Wootton J.

Published 20 September 2014 International

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