Volume twenty-three, Issue 1

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.Original Research

A qualitative exploration of knowledge of Chagas disease among adolescents in rural Ecuador

Mora-Criollo P, Carrasco-Tenezaca M, Casapulla S, Bates BR, Grijalva MJ.

Published 3 January 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Engaging rural communities to incorporate social determinants in developing strategies to improve access to health care in the Missouri Bootheel counties

Shrestha A, Stamatakis K, Ballard J, Burgess A, Baker E.

Published 17 January 2023 North America

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The Limerick Declaration on Rural Health Care 2022

Glynn L, Murphy AW, Scully R, Strasser R, Quinlan D, Cowley J, Hayes P, O’Donnell P, O’Regan A, Tuli S, Santana MA, Sparrow-Downes VM, Petrazzuoli F, Nowlan S, Collins C, Fogarty F, MacFarlane A, Wynn-Jones J, Chater AB.

Published 10 January 2023 Europe

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Project Report

Digitally mediated service provision for children’s social, emotional and mental health: key indicators for evaluation

Jones LS, Russell AJ, Brosnan MJ.

Published 17 January 2023 Europe

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