Volume twelve, Issue 3

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A guide to reporting studies in rural and remote health

Matsumoto M, Bowman R, Worley P.

Published 5 September 2012 International

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Original Research

Unmet dental and orthodontic need of children with special healthcare needs in West Virginia

Wiener R, Wiener MA.

Published 27 July 2012 North America

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Original Research

Maternal and newborn healthcare providers in rural Tanzania: in-depth interviews exploring influences on motivation, performance and job satisfaction

Prytherch H, Kakoko DC, Leshabari M, Sauerborn R, Marx M.

Published 30 August 2012 Africa

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Original Research

Institutional care versus home care for the elderly in a rural area: cost comparison in rural Japan

Akiyama N, Shiroiwa T, Fukuda T, Murashima S.

Published 13 September 2012 Asia

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Original Research

Reducing barriers associated with delivering health care services to migratory agricultural workers

Schmalzried H, Fallon Jr L.

Published 24 July 2012 North America

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Original Research

Pilot evaluation of anterior dynamic ultrasound screening for developmental dysplasia of the hip in an Australian regional hospital

Charlton S, Muir L, Skinner T, Walters L.

Published 18 September 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Frequency, cost and impact of inter-island referrals in the Solomon Islands

Negin J, Martiniuk AL, Farrell P, Dalipanda T.

Published 19 September 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Medical student characteristics predictive of intent for rural practice

Royston P, Mathieson K, Leafman J, Ojano Sheehan O.

Published 9 August 2012 North America

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Original Research

Service contacts prior to death in people dying by suicide in the Scottish Highlands

Stark C, Vaughan S, Huc S, O'Neill N.

Published 3 August 2012 Europe

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Original Research

Nurse-based antenatal and child health care in rural India, implementation and effects - an Indian-Swedish collaboration

Alehagen S, Finnstrom O, Hermansson G, Konduri S, Bangal V, Patil A, Chandekar P, Johansson A.

Published 6 September 2012 Asia

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Original Research

Lifecourse factors and likelihood of rural practice and emigration: a survey of Ghanaian medical students

Kotha S, Johnson JC, Galea S, Agyei-Baffour P, Nakua E, Asabir K, Kwansah J, Gyakobo M, Dzodzomenyo M, Kruk ME.

Published 6 September 2012 Africa

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Original Research

Oral health status during pregnancy: rural-urban comparisons of oral disease burden among antenatal women in Sri Lanka

Karunachandra NN, Perera I, Fernando G.

Published 9 July 2012 Asia

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Original Research

Prevalence of low back pain among peasant farmers in a rural community in South South Nigeria

Birabi BN, Dienye P, Ndukwu G.

Published 30 August 2012 Africa

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Original Research

Backyard poultry raising in Bangladesh: a valued resource for the villagers and a setting for zoonotic transmission of avian influenza. A qualitative study

Sultana R, Nahar N, Rimi NA, Azad S, Islam M, Gurley ES, Luby SP.

Published 4 September 2012 Asia

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Original Research

Why community members want to participate in the selection of students into medical school

Stagg P, Rosenthal DR.

Published 20 August 2012 Australasia

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Original Research

Consideration of the influence of place on access to employment for persons with serious mental illness in northeastern Ontario

Rebeiro Gruhl K, Kauppi C, Montgomery P, James S.

Published 30 July 2012 North America

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Clinical Case Report

Social exclusion and myiasis of the upper lip in a Brazilian rural resident

Antunes Freitas D, Moreira G, Jones K, Caldeira AP.

Published 29 August 2012 North America

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Short Communication

Microbial water quality risks to public health: potable water assessment for a flood-affected town in northern Pakistan

Baig S, Xu X, Khan R.

Published 10 September 2012 Asia

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Short Communication

Private rural health providers in Haryana, India: profile and practices

Jarhyan P, Singh (The Late) B, Rai SK, Nongkynrih B.

Published 29 August 2012 Asia

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Project Report

Improving access to eye health services in rural Timor-Leste

Pereira S, Blignault I, Du Toit R, Ramke J.

Published 18 September 2012 Australasia

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Letter to the Editor

Available hemostatic measures for postpartum hemorrhage in rural settings

Matsubara S.

Published 12 September 2012 Asia

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