Volume 23

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Original Research

The experience of women from rural Australia with a preterm infant in a neonatal intensive care unit

Laidlaw KL, Prichard I, Sweet L.

Published 31 January 2023 Australasia

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.Original Research

Using the socio-ecological model to appraise perspectives on health workforce retention and intention to leave in Malawi and Tanzania: a qualitative longitudinal study

Mdegela M, Madaj B, Vermand N, Mvula CJ, O'Hare JP.

Published 30 March 2023 Africa

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Original Research

Extent of caregiver burden among informal caregivers of persons with severe mental disorders in rural South Africa

Silaule O, Nkosi NG, Adams F.

Published 2 June 2023 Africa

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Original Research

Barriers to rural health care from the provider perspective

Maganty A, Byrnes ME, Hamm M, Wasilko R, Sabik LM, Davies BJ, Jacobs BL.

Published 17 May 2023 North America

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Original Research

Nurses’ preparedness for disaster response in rural and urban primary healthcare settings in Tanzania

Isangula KG, Lyimo M, Ndungile Y, Robert E.

Published 17 April 2023 Africa

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.Original Research

A qualitative exploration of knowledge of Chagas disease among adolescents in rural Ecuador

Mora-Criollo P, Carrasco-Tenezaca M, Casapulla S, Bates BR, Grijalva MJ.

Published 3 January 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Identifying access barriers faced by rural and dispersed communities to better address their needs: implications and lessons learned for rural proofing for health in the Americas and beyond

Houghton N, Bascolo E, Cohen RR, Cruz Vilcarromero N, Rodriguez Gonzalez H, Albrecht D, Koller TS, Fitzgerald J.

Published 7 March 2023 Latin America

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Original Research

Changes in the levels of marker molecules salivary α-amylase and cortisol as a stress response to everyday activities of general practitioners in rural areas of the Republic of Bulgaria

Alakidi A, Dimitrov I, Bivolarska AV, Mihaylova V.

Published 30 January 2023 Europe

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Original Research

The place of rural hospitals in New Zealand’s health system: an exploratory qualitative study

Blattner K, Clay L, Nixon G, Richard L, Miller R, Crengle S, Anton R, Stokes T.

Published 13 April 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Developing conceptually sound items for a clinical courage questionnaire

Brooks R, White IA, Walters L, Williams S, Couper I, Konkin J, Campbell DG.

Published 7 May 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Factors influencing the retention of specialist doctors in the placement area: realist evaluation approach in the specialist doctor utilization program

Nurlinawati I, Mujiati M, Efendi F.

Published 19 April 2023 Asia

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Original Research

Short-term medical student placements completed consecutively at a rural general practice positively impact chronic disease management

Fox JL, Doolan TD, Gurney TM, McGrail MR.

Published 17 April 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Frequency and determinants of technical procedures in French general practice: a cross-sectional study

Pointis V, Panjo H, Schott A, Letrilliart L.

Published 25 May 2023 Europe

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Original Research

Relative remoteness and wage differentials in the Canadian allied health professional workforce

Gupta N, Gulliver A, Singh P.

Published 2 June 2023 North America

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Original Research

What is important for high quality rural health care? A qualitative study of rural community and provider views in Aotearoa New Zealand

Atmore C, Dovey S, Gauld R, Stokes T.

Published 2 March 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Evaluation of rural general practice experiences for pre-vocational medical graduates

McGrail MR, Chhabra J, Hays R.

Published 20 February 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Impact of SARS-CoV-2 on surgical services in a Scottish remote and rural setting

Gandiya TN, Hill K, McMahon GK, Alubaidi K.

Published 16 April 2023 Europe

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Original Research

Time to commencement of effective treatment in patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis diagnosed in the Torres Strait–Papua New Guinea cross-border region

Foster J, Mendez D, Marais B, Peniyamina D, McBryde E.

Published 28 March 2023 Australasia

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Original Research

Engaging rural communities to incorporate social determinants in developing strategies to improve access to health care in the Missouri Bootheel counties

Shrestha A, Stamatakis K, Ballard J, Burgess A, Baker E.

Published 17 January 2023 North America

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Original Research

Tooth loss and dental visits by Indigenous American Indian/Alaska Native adults in the USA

Wiener R.

Published 7 February 2023 North America

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Debriefing after critical incidents in rural and remote healthcare settings – a remote clinician perspective

Floridis J.

Published 22 March 2023 Australasia

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The Limerick Declaration on Rural Health Care 2022

Glynn L, Murphy AW, Scully R, Strasser R, Quinlan D, Cowley J, Hayes P, O’Donnell P, O’Regan A, Tuli S, Santana MA, Sparrow-Downes VM, Petrazzuoli F, Nowlan S, Collins C, Fogarty F, MacFarlane A, Wynn-Jones J, Chater AB.

Published 10 January 2023 Europe

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.Review Article

What tuberculosis infection control measures are effective in resource-constrained primary healthcare facilities? A systematic review of the literature

Marme G, Rutherford S, Harris N.

Published 22 March 2023 Australasia

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Review Article

Fostering community engagement, participation and empowerment for mental health of adults living in rural communities: a systematic review

Russell K, Rosenbaum S, Varela S, Stanton R, Barnett F.

Published 26 March 2023 Australasia

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Review Article

Recruitment and retention of general practitioners in European medical deserts: a systematic review

Bes JM, Flinterman LE, González AI, Batenburg RS.

Published 28 February 2023 Europe

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Review Article

The safety of anaesthesia delivered by rural generalist anaesthetists: a scoping review of the literature

Gilchrist PT, Walters L, Ward P.

Published 2 February 2023 Australasia

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Short Communication

Teleneurology via tablet technology: an effective low-cost method to increase healthcare accessibility

Harper K, Hanson C, Eoff B, Riebau D, Charles D.

Published 20 March 2023 North America

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Short Communication

Osteopathy in rural and remote Australia: analysis of demographic, practice and clinical management characteristics from a nationally representative sample of 992 osteopaths

Vaughan B, Steel A, Fleischmann M, Grace S, Fitzgerald K, Engel R, Adams J.

Published 21 March 2023 Australasia

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Short Communication

Point-of-care ultrasound in general practice: an exploratory study in rural South Australia

Phillips H, Sukheja N, Williams S, La Forgia A, Nixon G, McArthur LA, Gonzalez-Chica DA, Walters L.

Published 16 February 2023 Australasia

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Short Communication

Aeromedical retrievals as a measure of potentially preventable hospitalisations and cost comparison with provision of GP-led primary health care in a remote Aboriginal community

Wieland L, Abernethy G.

Published 27 April 2023 Australasia

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Policy Report

Facilitating regional and remote access to voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia: targeted initiatives during the law-making and implementation stages of reform

Willmott L, Haining CM, White BP.

Published 14 March 2023 Australasia

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Project Report

Digitally mediated service provision for children’s social, emotional and mental health: key indicators for evaluation

Jones LS, Russell AJ, Brosnan MJ.

Published 17 January 2023 Europe

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Project Report

The development of accessible and sustainable transgender health education for rural-serving medical providers in Appalachia

Altschuler R, Mann AK.

Published 12 April 2023 North America

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Letter to the Editor

The political, religious and human impact of COVID-19: what did it cost us?

Manoj MA, Jain A.

Published 2 March 2023 Asia

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